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Banker_RT1 Token 1 - is an entry NTF now sold on Opensea and Rarible.  
Colorbender Art is and always will be concerned about how the banking system works.
It has always been about Central Banks, and now this Token, well, it is a way to diversify... the crypto way... I want anyone to have other ways to bank and collect assets to their net worth.
The Banker_RT1 Token 1 will be the genesis token to Colorbender Art. It will provide a stable-backed site where you can see all token holds and crypto NFT at colorbenderart.eth $$$holdings$$$
-Banker_RT1 Token 1 - made in 2018

Colorbender Art LLC.

100,000 tokens were made to be used as a backer system.  The start of rat coin!!! Just need some G-rats!!!

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Colorbender Art has one goal in mind: providing high-quality, innovative, and reliable Art online and off.

We want that passion for excellence given to you. 

Art that you collect will have real value from blockchain and hands-on real created Art. 

NFT is the step to helping the Art world become even more digital. We want you to sit back (HODL) "Hold On for Dear Life" to create the diamond hands if you believe in Art and Collections.

Colorbender Art gives you a way to decentralize a digital Token without a Central Bank. 

Colorbender Art

Motto: "No matter what... "We will make it..."

Get started with hodling with Colorbender Art... The time is now...

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you can help find new and interesting ways to make blockchain work.

310 Hopkins St building 0194, Yoder, WY 82244, USA

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"Do not worry I will make it..." Colorbender Art...

If you really do not like using your wallet to purchase an nft.  I understand it will backlink to the start of the blockchain...  This is where Colorbender Art is starting to service a buffer for your investments.  Contact Colorbender Art for this service. Your privacy is yours let colorbenderart.eth buffer the blockchain...

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