Banker_RT1 Token 1 - is an entry NTF now sold on Opensea and Rarible.  
Colorbender Art is and always will be concerned about how the banking system works.
It has always been about Central Banks, and now this Token, well, it is a way to diversify... the crypto way... I want anyone to have other ways to bank and collect assets to their net worth.
The Banker_RT1 Token 1 will be the genesis token to Colorbender Art. It will provide a stable-backed site where you can see all token holds and crypto NFT at colorbenderart.eth $$$holdings$$$
-Banker_RT1 Token 1 - made in 2018

Colorbender Art LLC.

100,000 tokens were made to be used as a backer system.  The start of rat coin!!! Just need some G-rats!!!