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Opensea Lazy G's = Crypto Ghosts mint-able on OpenSea

100 G's only ever... Trust in "CB" KING of the GHOST...

Crypto Ghost, limited to 100 lazy mints on Opensea.  The floor is .0078 eth.  This is the best I have to give...


If you think this work is unpumped,  you are right... And good backers are Ghosts... 

Move slow and be successful...

If you buy it... 

Colorbender Art will make it... for you!!!

12 Lazy Cypto G
39 Lazy crypto G
40 Lazy crypto G
01 Lazy Crypto G
37 Lazy crypto G
35 Lazy crypto G
38 Lazy crypto G
34 Lazy crypto G
31 Lazy crypto G
33 Lazy crypto G
32 Lazy crypto G
28 Lazy crypto G
30 Lazy crypto G
16 Lazy crypto G
29 Lazy crypto G
15 Lazy Crypto G
17 Lazy Crypto G
36 Lazy Crypto G
20 Lazy Crypto G
19 Lazy Crypto G
27 Lazy Crypto G
25 Lazy Crypto G
50 Lazy Crypto G
47 Lazy Crypto G
48 Lazy Crypto G
49 Lazy Crypto G
52- ‎feb 7‎, ‎2022 1747.png
White Page: Welcome



At Colorbender Art   - The current roadmap is vested in coin/token/nft.

 Getting Art investors to believe in NFT is the first step. 

((Someone other than my Daughters has to buy it.))

If you lose... it is a major loss to our LLC.  We will not let this happen... 

Colorful Art is our goal and we will continue selling and investing NFT, Coin, and Tokens. 

Banker_RT-1 is limited to 100,000 ever.

The current value is 0.000 because no one is vested...

Message CBA if you want to buy it cold... RT-1 has value it is backed...

If you own it I would recommend never selling it. (NFA)

Multiple wallets and Investment accounts are being used and taxes will be paid for any and all actual gains. 

cba - will not go non-profit to hide taxation. (if you have gains you will be responsible for that tax)

Banker-RT1 will be used as an investment token. (Rat Coin)

Please note: if you have purchased this token it will always have value.

The vested value will be included in every purchase of a "CB" NFT-Token. It may go up or down but it will always be able to be sold or traded for something. Always!!!!  *LLC exceptions may occur...

The ability to help emerging Artists.  Depending on the vested tokens and coins in the account.

Colorbender Art is a HOdLer of NFT and dreams.

Dao is for ghost investors and later payments in token or coin.

(Investors will have a scaled vote and say in the direction of the LLC. + % $) (DAO creators = opportunity with total % $)

At later time —contracts will be available to independent artists—Individual set work will be commissioned.

*After HODL Accounts complete*


Website Creation:
Launch - Token Banker_RT1 Token 1
   *100 tokens to random Rarible followers. Currently 30* Sales are needed to continue to give outs...

   Token Price valuation will be set for:

all Colorbender nft/tokens... sold... 

     ...buyback option... set with sales...

Lazy Crypto G's limited test run on OpenSea... 100 made with Crypto Ghost Club...  Ghosts are generators... They are backers... to a bigger system... Colorbender art will make it... You have to believe the process! Trust... And never give up! Dreamers and Believers are needed!!! CBA-will not let your nft down.


Set valuation over:

    16780 *vested in coin/token and gold (currently down due to nft purchases)




*value has to be above this*

AAT (at all times) Creating wealth for the LLC.

No loans ever... On HOdL account...

*note many nft and tokens will be vested in hodl wallets due to scammers.

All eggs will not be in one basket.   

Colorbenderart.eth is here for the long term. SCAMMERS ONLY HURT THE COMMUNINTY... GO AWAY... PLEASE!!!


A Plan to help all homeless in Wyoming:
*This Plan will be self-sufficient. 
*Additional HODL Account needed to create an action plan that will help and accommodate town by town—starting with least populated areas. 

*nft sales first then: "Project Helping House" will start in the Goshen County Area. Hodl account must be overflowing and self-sufficient. We will make it! When the scales are overflowing!  

White Page: FAQ
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